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Constituent Service and Transparency

The best government serves the people, keeps them informed and makes sure they have the opportunity to have their voices heard.  For over 6 years, I’ve sent Email Newsletters to update my constituents and held a monthly Constituent Breakfast to listen to the people that elected me.  Once elected, I will hold a Constituent Breakfast twice a month within the District and continue to do monthly email updates. This transparency will allow the citizens of District 16 a greater voice in what happens in Columbia and will help me stay in tune with what is happening in Lancaster and York County.


Improving Our Schools

We are blessed with good schools in Senate District 16, but there are many areas in the State where children aren’t as fortunate. All of our children deserve a great education. It’s time the State supported our children, our schools and our teachers. We need to get rid of state testing just for the sake of testing.  We need to reduce waste and put more money in the classroom. Having served on a school board, I’ve seen where waste can be cut and will take that experience to Columbia. It’s also time to finally pay teachers what they deserve. Just as importantly, we need to make sure our schools are safe and discipline is kept in the classroom.


Standing With Law Enforcement

On County Council, I’ve been a strong supporter of law enforcement. I’ll stand with our law enforcement community and make sure that they have the proper tools to get their jobs done and come home safely to their families.  We ask these brave men and women to go in harm’s way on our behalf.  I’ll continue fighting for those who keep our communities safe.

Fix Our Roads

We all see that our roads are crumbling and overloaded.Even though the region in and around District 16 is in dire need of attention, Lancaster and York Counties are considered “donor” counties for some state gas taxes, sending millions of dollars every year to other counties which get more funding than they pay in gas taxes. I’ll go to Columbia with a singular mission – to make building the roads we need, repairing the roads we have, getting our fair share of road funding, and investing in infrastructure priority one.

Tax Reform

South Carolina has a broken tax system. South Carolina families pay some of the highest income tax rates in the Southeast. It’s time to stop talking about fixing the tax code and actually do it.  By lowering taxes and reducing regulation, we can unlock the potential of this State and grow our economy.

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