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Endorsed by:

Senator Wes Climer

David O'Neal Mayor of Tega Cay

Tom Audette, Ft. Mill School Board

Kevin Brackett, Solicitor

Allen Blackmon, Lancaster County Council

Anthony Boddie, Ft. Mill Resident

Wayne Bouldin, Ft. Mill School Board

Jennifer Bowman, Ft Mill Resident

Michele Branning, Ft. Mill School Board

Ken Buck, Lancaster School Board

Brian Carnes, Lancaster County Council

Lynne Carroll, Sun City

Jim Donohue, Lancaster County Council

Dan Dorfman, York Resident

Henry Elridge, Veteran & Former York GOP Chair

Dr. Scott Frattaroli, Ft. Mill School Board

Terry Graham, Lancaster County Council

Steve Harper, Lancaster County Council

Carrie Helms, Lancaster County Treasurer

Larry Honeycutt, Lancaster County Council

Larry Huntley, Ft. Mill Town Council

Judy Kelly, Carolina Orchards

Kate Kraxberger, Ft. Mill Resident

Deborah Long, former State Rep., Lancaster

Michael McAvoy, Lancaster County Council

Celia McCarter, Ft. Mill School Board

Clare McConaughay, Sun City

Tom McPherson, Ft. Mill Resident

Hugh Mobley, Lancaster Resident, USC Board

Chis Moody, Ft. Mill Town Council

Billy Mosteller, Lancaster County Council

Pam Mulvaney, Indian Land Resident

Brian Murphy, Ft. Mill School Board

Suzette Murphy, Lancaster Auditor-Elect

Allison Newton, Lancaster Resident

Bobby Parker, Lancaster School Board

Guynn Savage, Mayor of Ft. Mill

Kristy Spears, Ft. Mill School Board

Melvin Stroble, Lancaster School Board

Patrick White, Ft. Mill School Board

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